Hunter syndrome eBook

Hunter syndrome (also known as mucopolysaccharidosis type II, MPS II), is a rare genetic disease that almost exclusively affects boys. There are many signs and symptoms of the condition, which makes it hard to diagnose. Most children with Hunter syndrome start to show signs of the disease at around 2–4 years old.



The eBook gives an introduction to Hunter syndrome, including:



  • The basics about Hunter syndrome
  • The key signs and symptoms that may indicate the condition
  • How Hunter syndrome may be diagnosed
  • How real families have adapted to living with Hunter syndrome



If you think that your child or someone you know is showing symptoms of Hunter syndrome, speak to your doctor.



  • Download the Hunter syndrome eBook

    The Hunter syndrome eBook outlines the common presenting signs and symptoms of Hunter syndrome, as well as its diagnosis and management, and the support available for families.

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